Saturday, March 7, 2009

The List

I'm not sure how to keep my list on the front page. It looked crappy when I posted it in the sidebar, so I'm just going to repost it every once in a while!

October 28, 2008- July 26, 2011

Bold= Complete
Red= In progress

1. Get rid of 101 things I don’t use anymore (101/101)
2. Try 5 new foods (5/5)
3. Exercise for at least 30 minutes 3 times a week for 1 month
4. Paint my nails a fun dark color
5. Meet Wendy
6. Go back to New York City, come home with my mental health intact
7. Run a mile without stopping
8. Run the Truffle Shuffle
9. Complete Couch to 5k
10. Run a 5k
11. Run a 10k
12.Run the Disney World Half Marathon in October 2010
13. Attend a wedding
14. Sew an item of clothing for myself
15. Drive on the left side of the road (in a place where it’s legal)
16. Finish MSW
17. Make a new friend
18. Go on a cruise
19. Get to my “magic #” goal weight and stay at or under it
20. Learn to cook 10 dishes well (10/10)
21. Visit Canada
22. Become a better photographer
23. Start a new journal, write consistently
24. Take a cooking class
25. Try snowboarding
26. Organize laundry/craft room/office, maintain organization system
27. Donate my wedding dress if not sold by 1-yr. anniversary
28. Make challah from scratch
29. Run at least 2 5k races after the half marathon (2/2) (keep running!)
30. Subscribe to a CSA for one season with no wastefulness (i.e. use or share everything)
31. 500 blog posts
32. Do at least 3 tips, activities, recipes, or projects from Martha Stewart Living (0/3)
33. Make bread from a starter
34. Visit Poppy’s grave
35. Pay a surprise visit to someone out-of-state
36. Write 101 comments on other peoples’ blogs (101/101)
37. Cook something from 5 cookbooks I own but have never used (5/5)
38. Be a vegetarian for 1 week
39. Clean out upstairs storage area
40. Visit Pike Place Market
41. Have a photo accepted to
42. Organize kitchen drawers and cabinets to optimize storage space
43. Organize bathroom shelves
44. List one thing I like about myself every day for a month (30/30)
45. Spend some time in Seattle
46. Take a photo every day for a year in 2010, have a dedicated blog
47. Start a personal savings account
48. Use slow cooker for something new at least 2 times (1/2)
49. Make pickles
50. Go on a train ride
51. Take a photography lesson from a professional
52. Study about and celebrate a Jewish holiday I usually forget about
53. Eat breakfast at home every day for one month (30/30)
54. No complaining for 24 hours
55. Master pizza from scratch
56. Make a personal budget
57. Eat a Nanaimo Bar in Canada
58. Spend my birthday and New Years' in another country
59. Float down a river (real, not water park) in an inner tube
60. No cracking knuckles for a day
61. Ride a horse on a beach (cliche, but I've always wanted to)
62. Actively choose to spend more time outdoors
63. Make Matzoh Ball soup from scratch
64. Watch an episode of Hannah Montana, see what all the fuss is about.
65. Get a job that challenges and excites me
66. Go sailing
67. Go through the rest of my old stuff at my mom's house in Omaha
68. Take vitamins at least 50% of days (70/500)
69. Read the last Harry Potter book
70. Read a Sunday New York Times outside on a nice day
71. Go camping somewhere new at least twice (2/2)
72. Update this blog at least weekly with results and progress (see #28)
73. Paint a new coffee mug at Brushfire
74. Travel outside of North America
75. Take 20 bubble baths (13/20)
76. See Ben Folds in concert
77. Go on a bike ride with Andy 3 times (2/3)
78. Visit a state I've never been to
79. Ride a Jet Ski
80. Drink Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc in Marlborough
81. Hide a geocache with Andy
82. Go apple picking and bake something with the apples
83. Taste a French macaron
84. Organize important documents/filing system
85. Do the Butte to Butte, stay alive
86. Get to my ideal clothing size, refresh wardrobe as a reward
87. Try 3 different types of seafood (3/3)
88. Finish a New York Times crossword puzzle (any day) on my own
89. See a shooting star
90. Get a job that makes me genuinely happy
91. Decide what I want to be when I grow up
92. Be among the first in the world to ring in 2009
93. Make my “wedding stuff” scrapbook
94. Visit Elana in St. Louis
95. Pay off the car
96. Spend a weekend with just my mom and my sister
97. Get paid to cook or bake something
98. Sell the house
99. Move to a city that makes me happy
100. Read more books for pleasure
101. Love myself unconditionally

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girlonthepark said...

I highly recommend
21. Visit Canada :)